is a powerful and easy to use web site traffic analyzer. Through easy to read graphical reports InSite enables you to get detailed information on who is visiting your site, which parts of your site they find most interesting and alot more.

InSite is an useful tool in the evolution of your web site. As a follow-up on improvements or additions to your site, InSite can give you valuable information on the success of the changes - how many visitors do we have, where do they come from, and are they coming back? These are just a few of the questions that can be answered. InSite becomes an important tool in assessing the return on investment from your site.

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If you need to evaluate InSite on your own servers please contact us with information about which platforms you need InSite for.


Intuitive web user interface
InSite is web based and installs onto the web server, so you can generate reports via your web browser from anywhere - anytime you want.

27 statistical functions

InSite's statistical functions deliver information relevant to both management and marketing aswell as the IT-department in a company.

Extended chart support

InSite supports several different chart types (ex. column-, curve- and pie-charts), and you can choose the exact type of chart you want for each statistical function.

Command-line interface

The command-line interface enables you to set-up scheduled reports, ex. daily or weekly reports.

Crossplatform support

InSite runs on both Windows and the most popular Unix variants (ex. Linux, AIX, Solaris, OpenBSD etc.) and supports almost any web server.

Fast log analysis

InSite analyzes approximately 2mb of data per second, or approximately 700000 hits per minute on a typical Internet server.

Online help

The online help system contains a user manual aswell as descriptions of the different statistical functions.

Extended filtering

The filtering system in InSite enables you to restrict the analysis to a specific group of visitors. For instance, you can restrict the analysis to visitors from Denmark and furthermore exclude visitors from your own organization. The filters are stored so they are available the next time you use the system.

Support for compressed log files

InSite can read compressed log files during the analysis, and thereby reduce the hard disk usage with up to 80%.

Customizable reports

Not only does InSite contain a set of predefined reports, but you can also create your own reports with exactly the functions and charts you want. The reports are stored so they are available the next time you use the system.

Virtual web server support

InSite is specially designed to support several web servers on the same machine, and is therefore also very suitable for web hotels.